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deednets wrote:

Emile15 wrote:

I have been following your accounts of problems with eye / autofocus with some interest since I have had some (rare) focus problems with Fujis as well and am thinking about a second (MF or FF) system, partly to see how it compares to Fuji. However, I am inclined to turn either to Canon (EOS R) or Fuji’s MF because of the colours. Your portraits here appear to confirm this choice because skin colour appears to be a bit off. What do you think?

I left the skin at default and there was a golden reflector at play here. My guess is that I personally would possibly run into similar problems with Fuji MF because of the focus issues.

Don't get me wrong here: I don't have issues with Fuji AF in general either, but the eyes were often enough oof. Since I shoot a lot of portraits, that was a small deal breaker.

Here is a pic without the golden reflector:

Note the camera left eye in focus whereas the right eye isn't. I haven't ever seen such a balance of consistently in focus eyes before I must say.

Don't know anything about the Canon.


Hi Deed.

Remember that not too long ago we were shooting with a X-E1, Xpro1, then the second gen Fuji's came out.  That wasn't that long ago.  Nobody beats Sony for eye AF and to expect Fuji to be able to do that is just not realistic IMHO.  Fuji is improving very quickly but the AF is just not at the same level as Sony.

IMHO that 56mm lens should also be replaced with something new, something in a 1.4 would be nice, with the same coatings from the 35 1.4   That 56mm I don't think is fast enough internally to keep up with stuff like that.  It wasn't designed for that so Fuji has to come out with something much nicer in this FL.  To me the 90mm is too tight and because of tight space reasons I would not buy the 90mm.  Fuji should indeed come out with something like a 70mm.  Believe it or not this is probably one of the main reasons why I haven't sold my FF gear because I use that 50mm range all the time and I need a really fast responsive lens and the 56 1.2 ain't it.  The 56 doesn't respond that well in low light either.

I shoot in AF-S and I'm actually happy with Fuji's AF system.  Is not as fast as Sony's but whenever I usually point at the eye it is normally sharp and accurate, even with my XT1 "old" AF baby.

I will say that the lasic surgery  I had a few decades ago is starting to wear out, mainly my left eye is starting to give me more problems and my vision is starting to degrade little by little, getting old is inevitable, so I can see how the Sony system can work better for some people and Sony's eye AF is the best on the planet right now and from what I hear you can shoot with confidence.

Enjoy both systems or whichever you decide to keep.

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