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Re: Where from here: Fuji versus the rest

deednets wrote:

dual12 wrote:

For me, a portrait is a photo of someone who has agreed to the photograph. That gives me plenty of time to compose, focus, shoot, check focus, and reshoot if necessary.

So the answer to your question is: I wouldn't be shooting a portrait of that man unless he had agreed to it. If it's a street photograph, then he's just one element, and I wouldn't care whether his eyes were in perfect focus or not.

That was an example, which you took literally. My question was regarding your technique, not whether you would take the shot at all.

When I do Studio shoots I don't have problems either, but that's like saying you don't have problems with sports as long as the players don't move.

I never had any complaints about street shooting when it comes to my lenses and the Fuji bodies, at least not after the X-T2 . I mean i rarely Shoot a street scene at 1,2 when subjects are at a distance . Not sure why u would do that to be honest, in the case of the person being really close and you have a wide angle like the 16  1,4 on sometimes i choise to throw the background out of focus, But to be able to get like one Eye in focus they would have to be extremly close, and if not then both eyes are generelly always in focus if i put the focus point on the head.

If Im out with a 56 1,2 like kn your example which has  like the worst af of my lenses and i tend to not choose when street shooting even that i normally mail focus due to how i chose to compose . And like the other person Said that normally if u Shoot like a street portrait u Dont go for one Eye in focus But rather try to put both eyes in focus by having the subject straight ahead kn the frame for example. And  then its not that hard to aim for his face and just Shoot . Or if u for some reason want like u Said one Eye and the lashes in focus just go really close and put either face af or the square on his Eye fast and Shoot , u just have to be Quick and think ahead.

not completely sure how you mean But lets be clear, i Shoot nikon for years and Fuji several years as well. And the x-t3 is plently ok to nail focus with especially with lenses like the 90 mm f2 etc which is super sharp and fast.

only times i might have to work harder to nail focus would be like really fast sports or randomly running kids and then i normally worry about getting the whole person in focus or head at least, nor the Eye lashes😊

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