Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

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Re: Imaging Resource's CP+ interview with Ricoh

This is the reason why Ricoh is not going ML?

"But I believe the DSLR has its own appealing point, because users can create their own image from the optical viewfinder. People can see the beautiful image through the optical viewfinder, and then think how they can create their pictures -- for example, exposure level setting or white balance or ISO [sensitivity] -- and then imagine how they can get [the result they're seeking]."

I shoot with both systems, one DSLR and one ML and whenever I look thru the OVF of my DSLR none of the reasons above come into play.  Prior to taking a photo I do see what my surrounding is, like lots of light or poor low light, so I do have an idea of how I need to set my camera, but the very first thing I do after pressing the shutter is to chimp to check the photo, then I usually have to make a few more adjustments.

That's right, the exposure is usually the very first thing we want to look at, then we can get an idea of what we want to do from there then we proceed to PP to get creative and do our art.  Whenever I see my subject thru the OVF I never see anything "beautiful" hahahaha! so that reason and explanation from Ricoh sucks.  I don't buy it.

Yeah DSLR has it's strengths that's one of the reasons why I still use them and I would not mind buying another Pentax DSLR, but IMHO OVF is old technology and we will always have to chimp with them, which is really annoying.  Trying to check and chimp thru your photos when you are doing a wedding (among many other things) is one of THE worst experiences ever.  OVF is going to go away soon.

Does Ricoh think we are little ignorant children or something?  Man those guys really need to work on what they say during interviews.  That's just my opinion.

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