Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

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Re: Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

MacUser2 wrote:

"Trust" is the wrong word to use when evaluating a product that you buy on the open market. A corporate entity are not your parents, who make sacrifices for your wellbeing as they protect and nurture you during your formative years. The role of a corporation is to provide a service that protects the wellbeing of their shareholders. One can hope that the corporation is morally responsible in their pursuit of profits. This being said, there is nothing morally wrong with making a profit, in fact, a corporation that does not make a profit is being immoral with regard to their shareholders.

So, putting “trust” aside, it comes down to one question, are they providing a service at a price that you consider fair? If you consider the quality of the product satisfactory and the price fair, then continue to buy the product. If on the other hand, when the product no longer satisfies your needs or you are not happy with the price, then vote with your feet.

Bottom line, you should not “trust” them to make sacrifices for your benefit any more than they should “trust” you to make sacrifices on their behalf.

Please, do not take this as an apology for Adobe and their pricing policy. I personally have completely weaned myself away from Adobe products. And, when I become unhappy with my current post processing software, I will weigh the options and make the choice that best suits my needs.

Of course what you're saying is exactly correct. Because The Trio (On1 RAW, Luminar 3 and Affinity) refuse to play in the sandbox happily together, and because using these programs for the time being often means having to access enhancement filters by closing out of these programs, the current $9.99 price for Photoshop is worth the investment to me.

Although PS is overall an ultra-powerful program, its primary function for me is to be a central processing station. I can smoothly and easily access any member of The Trio, and virtually all filters, through the PS plugins folder, make the adjustments in these programs that I want to, and quickly return to PS with all changes intact.

And that doesn't mention that PS actually does some things better than The Trio, such as creating sophisticated montages.

My world is fine for now; the $120 spent on Photoshop is tolerable to me. But this whole subject began when heavy rumors had Adobe looking at doubling the subscription price, and I decided it would be best to find a good second-string quarterback, in case the starter went down. I'm not going to pay Adobe $240 annually for PS, and so I paid the inexpensive price for Affinity to round out The Trio. Used together these programs are at least as good as PS for photo development and enhancement. The only bad thing is that it's an onerous task trying to coordinate them. The good side, in case Adobe continues with its current subscription model, is that each of these programs specializes in a certain form of photo enhancement that is faster than PS, and so they're worth owning on their own merits.

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