Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Now flagship phone camera performence is $399

tko wrote:

Nobody wants to buy a $1200 phone either.

I just got back from Best Buy. When I was walking past the smartphone section I saw a guy intensely looking at Pixel 3As (starts at $399.) I said "Pixels have great cameras" and pulled out my Pixel 2. He said he knew. He currently owned a several generation back flagship Samsung phone and was originally going to upgrade to a current flagship Samsung phone. But then he saw the 3As and was struck by the price.

I pointed out that they were downmarket Pixels and the full Pixel 3s were made better. He said that he had already compared the build quality difference and didn't care. The price difference was enough that he was leaning toward one of the 3As. (The Pixel 3A cameras are essentially the same as the more expensive Pixel 3 cameras)

As I've said elsewhere smartphone camera performance is rapidly improving by leaps and bounds while conventional camera performance pretty much plateaued about a decade ago.

If current smartphone cameras still don't impress you, then wait a few months and check again.


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