Death of the Fujinon 18-55

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Re: Death of the Fujinon 18-55

AdamT wrote:

Before moving to Fuji one of my Canon lenses was a 25 year old 300f4L before it had IS. I finally sold it last year with a bit of regret along with the rest of my Canon gear.

I was the same with an old 80-200 F2.8L (remember the famous "magic drainpipe" ? - the lens with motors that didn`t die like USMs do) .. I had that right up til Canon ditched the 1DS series and went dual pixel (so I ditched Canon and went Nikon for my work stuff and haven`t looked back )

Had a "drain pipe" too and it was fantastic. The only shortcoming was a bit of vignetting around 135mm but it was overall a sharper lens than the 70-200f2.8L that replaced it and had better color IMHO. I compared 3 samples of the 70-200 against my drainpipe and never upgraded as the newer lens wasn't quite as crisp at 200mm and had a magenta color cast by comparison. I sold it when Canon intro'd the 70-200f4LIS which I wanted for the smaller size, lighter weight and ability to use converters. It didn't have as nice of an OOF rendering though as the drainpipe.

As it happens , that old fantastically sharp F4 of yours can`t be repaired now as Canon & Nikon stop making parts for lenses which have been out of production 10 years (5 with Sigma) , you were lucky the USM lasted that long - I think it`s Criminal that a lot of very very expensive lenses end up in the trash or at best relegated to manual focus because makers won`t continue parts .. some old Canon USMs used fly by wire - if you have the hideously expensive 50mm F1.0L or a 1st gen 85 F1.2L And the motor fails (nd they are ) , it`s a paperweight ................

Yes I know Canon stopped repairing that lens years ago. You might find it interesting though that I sold it to last year for $410 which I thought was more than fair for a 27 year old lens.

Here`s hoping Fuji don`t follow the same path and allow us to keep our lenses running - same goes for the fixed fee . it`s a blessing



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