Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Everyone likes fastfood, so NOBODY wants a nice restaurant.

Everyone likes their MP3 players, so NOBODY wants a real stereo

Everyone like Toyota and Honda, so NOBODY likes a sports car.

All you've stated is that you'd pick convenience over quality. Which is fine, but why are you on these forum? No offense, but its like buying a used Honda Accord, joining a performance car forum, then making a post saying no one needs those expensive cars and all they want is a family hauler. A fine point of view, but maybe out of place?

The phone photo is horrible even at internet viewing sizes. Which brings up an interesting point. While the latest high end phone cameras are working amazing well, not everyone buys or can afford a $1000 phone. Any more than people buy a $25 burger. The average phones are still junk when it comes to photos.

fstopx2 wrote:

Thanks for the commentary. The pictures are interesting, you can see that the Canon is better but its not 1000% better.

One hurts the eyes. The other doesn't. There is a border that's been crossed. Hard to quantity the improvement, but isn't that enough?

The reality is that convenience trumps ultimate quality. People that are enthusiasts can talk about this till the cows come home but its not going to matter. The smartphone is good enough and its super convenient.

Microwaved pizza is good enough and its super convenient.

On top of this nobody wants to pay for another device that does the same thing as the one in their pocket. AND the will have to carry it.

Nobody wants to buy a $1200 phone either.

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