Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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The market is so big for smartphones, there is still lots of room for improvement as users demand better quality.

Demand in a market doesn't change laws of physics.

But computational photography is becoming great equalizer.


If you are happy with let's say an 8Mp output: yes. If you like to have the full sensor resolution output: no. Computational photography looses detail. If you don't need so much detail you can expect improvements. But if you are expecting computational photography can be done with significant less loss of detail in the future in phones being just as compact as now, i think you are having to high expectations.

Phones today aren't all that ambitious if it comes to detail. Even if they manage to get a 100mm equivalent lens in it, they only put a 8Mp sensor behind it. I can tell you that 8Mp can't generate a 24Mp picture even with the best computational photography in the future. You just can't generate data never captured by only using algorithms.

This is only one of the problems computational photography can't solve. Another thing is the fake bokeh still not working properly. It is either hairs being blurred away while they should not, or haires not blurred away while the background is partly not blurred between those haires and the rest of the head. There is depth mapping, but i don't believe they will get this tech working precise enough to distinguish individual hairs, while to my eye these kind of details are pretty relevant in a portrait, while portraits are a pretty relevant part of photography.

So all in all i still think cameras can't be beaten by phones as it comes to performance. At the same time most customers will be satisfied with convenience, 8Mp output resolution + computational tricks, even more if they don't want to spend money on dedicated lenses.

In the same world where most picture sensors are shrinking, there is a Phase One IQ4, with 150Mp on a 53.4 × 40mm sensor. It exists for one reason: bigger is better. If it is adequate for you is another discussion.

Go to Flickr and look at some of the pictures taken with a smartphone. You are going to be very surprised.

All these examples are low resolution,  so non of them is any proof a phone can capture a lot of detail.


There is no challenge at all here. Static object, HDR mode, etc.

It could be more convenient to make this with a phone as processing is more automatic and "in phones" compared to cameras, non the less a camera will do better as it comes to capturing data.


Actually the hairs of the cat are showing the problems with fake bokeh and hairs. We only see the ends of some hairs, but the seam to float in the are without being connected to the cat.

This is only a cat, so its fine be me. Pics of cats can't have low enough IQ to me. But if my device would dear to do this with the hairs of my daughters in my opinion it is only good enough to just burn in hell.


Despite the low res there still seams to be detail lacking. I also think there is some clipping ruining the relief of the bonnet of this car. This car deserves better.


I have to admit at this resolution the phone did an o.k. job with metering/interpreting the depth in this image. Maybe the bokeh is even real because of the close distance? If it is fake bokeh it could also be a lucky shot in this regard though. I still don't like the bokeh. For heavens sake, if you are able to manipulate the bokeh with your computerized device, at least manipulate that bokeh in a way it looks smooth.......  and..... I am still afraid things will turn out to be wrong if the output resolution is for instance 24Mp showing artifacts and stuff.

Remember: a camera is about capturing detail.  A low resolution can't show a lot of detail. M cameras with the right glass can do better here. To be fair: The first pic might take more labor with a camera compared to using a phone.

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