Capture One Pro Styles - Should you buy?

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Re: Thanks OP

Sutto wrote:

I'm about to fork out and pay for C1 (am using the free Fuji trial at the moment), because L/R CC has ground to a miserable halt on my iMac. What a crappy piece of software L/R became - it used to be wonderful but with each iteration it got slower and slower. I even updated to a faster imac, but still no difference. I'm so p$%%ed that I now have to turn around a learn a brand new software package (after using L/R for yrs and becoming very proficient). It seems to be taking ages to learn C1, and I'm only progressing very slowly. I was about to buy all the C1 Styles to give me a 'leg up', so thanks a heap for stopping me from wasting my hard earned money. Sutto

Good choice, both C1 and not buying styles.

For what it is worth, I found C1 very frustrating at first, always trying to make it behave like LR.  It really does get more intuitive over time, and has many advantages over LR (and some disadvantages)

I still use both systems depending on what I am doing, and sometimes my mood - once you get over the awkwardness of switching I imagine you will come to appreciate what C1 can do so it is worth sticking with.

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