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Re: Adobe warning of legal problems if subscribers keep using old versions of Creative Cloud apps

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Users of older versions of Creative Cloud apps, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Lightroom Classic, have been told by Adobe that they are no longer licensed to use them, and anyone who continues to use these versions could face "infringement claims" from other companies...

Complete Article on AppleInsider

They are biting their own foot off.

It's a non issue for users really. This only affects users on a subscription who will not update their older versions that infringe on Dolby. I've seen nothing to indicate that either Dolby or Adobe has any way to know if a user does this. And why they wouldn't update their software as recommended is equally confusing to me. Heres what I see in an article about this issue:

Some users are getting messages from Adobe warning they could be at “risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties” should they continue to use outdated versions of their apps.

Note: May be at risk. Begging too, why continue to use outdated versions of applications that are free so to speak, to update by virtue of being a subscriber.

Again, this as they say, a nothing burger.

Thanks for the info. I was disappointed in Adobe for going subscription based a few years ago, and knew I would eventually leave Adobe, and when Affinity Photo came out, I bought, and deleted Photoshop. I doubt I ever look back.

Too bad. They added Texture today.

Yea, they now have a details slider. Oops, that's the others. Adobe calls theirs "texture".

Anyway, let's hope their first new slider in 4 years can overcome the real reasons people are leaving.

Maybe you should try to stay up to date with all the changes since Oct 2017.

They've added a new slider since Dehaze in 2015?

So you only consider sliders useful updates to software?

I think the gang feels a little threatened with the new feature. It was fun to roast Adobe last week but today things are different. They have to dig deep.

New to Adobe.

Others have had this. Why would they be threatened?

Welcome to the rest of the world.  Maybe they'll add midtones in the next major upgrade.  In 2022 or 2023.  I think layers is planned for 3rd quarter of 2037.

And not everyone is roasting Adobe.  Some just enjoy triggering the predictable FBs and apologists.

Bet, like the others, by the end of this thread you'll have the most posts.   Wager?

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