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Re: Where from here: Fuji versus the rest

Fuji Maine wrote:

I'll likely end up making a switch in a year from now unless Fuji really does something spectacular with an XH2. I'm two months away from my one year Fuji anniversary and with what I've got into it financially I want to get more out of it before taking the loss with selling everything off. I feel like last spring/fall we saw a huge push with a bunch of new bodies but not too much since so I'm also waiting to see what the next generation offers in "latest in greatest".

What aspects are impairing your photography? Genuinely curious and interested, as I consider Fuji X to be a highly mature system. What is making you consider switching after only 10 months?

I tried Fuji X back in 2012-2014, but for what I shoot, especially long-exposures, the sensor was not up to it. Today it is, so I am all Fuji now, because they have a tool set that is adequate to my needs. I could use any other system, after all, for plenty of us, any system will do; but I favour Fuji ergonomics and ease of use.

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