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Olifaunt wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

And I see dull (and incorrect) colors which even the dpreview reviewers who seem to not dare to offend Ricoh have admitted in pictures taken with GR3.

To be fair, don't you think this is maybe just software? The color profiles of different effects on the GR3 are after all different, e.g., positive film (check the hover-over example in the review that shows a bunch of the different effects on the same scene). The standard color profile is a dull in the GR2 also, but almost never saturation-clips, which is probably why standard profiles are chosen that way. Vivid or Positive Film will often saturation clip intense colors and give you blobs on things like flowers or clothing.

Hover-over, I did. The other way of looking at it may be for example positive film effect in GR3 is way down in intensity of colors than GR2 positive film. I think GR3 colors in general are muted compared with GR2 counterparts. Why is it so? Well, it may be a side-effect of noise reduction by preprocessor processing of RAW. Don't say it is RAW, jpeg is derived from RAW, so jpeg inevitably is influenced by RAW processing. And it explains premature desaturation of colors in GR3 RAW files as ISO climbs up.

Even the GR3 standard colors is to my eyes hugely better than the colors in the Leica Q2 sample gallery on this site, for example. I'm bringing that up as an example of how truly awful things could be.

Well, Leica is well out of my reach so I didn't bother to look at the samples.

You may educate me though, I am obliged.

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