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Re: Where from here: Fuji versus the rest

deednets wrote:

I have used Fuji cameras since 2013 and currently have a few lenses across the board, except the "fast" zooms and the long stuff. As I often dabble with other systems I now use a "dark-side" camera, the SONY A7III alongside the X-T2.

So where from here?? When I started using the A7III for portraits, I knew that there was no going back - for this type of photography - wide open with less than erratic results. I don't care whether it is my lack of knowledge, Chris Dodkin suggested I should buy a book on photography - and got plenty of thumbs up(s) which led me to believe that I am simply not good enough to use Fuji gear confidently: Putting a little square over somebody's eye a science exercise I failed to master, sadly.

In short: if it is the gear you cannot manage, try something else. And I did. It works better for me, but I will keep an eye on the next X-ProX camera. Will use the X-T2 in the meantime for shoots where the eye is less of an issue. Silly really how one can get sucked into something that all of a sudden appears to be a great leap forward. (And I DO remember those early days with auto-focus where people suggested that this wasn't necessary, good technique was all that was needed (same goes for light meters by the way, my first 3 cameras didn't have light meters built in!)).

Here is a shot I took just the other day to try out the eye AF on the A7III (I am sure most posters here won't be interested, but here is a little challenge for Fuji - which is a good thing right?? The somewhat horrible new here for me at least is that ALL shots I took were in focus, regardless of who, when and where. Sadly I simply didn't get the same results from the X-T3 - which I liked, by the way!

A7III 85/1.8 F1.8 (APS-C 1.18 equiv)

A7III 85/1.8 F2.8 ( APS-C 1.83 equiv)

Equivalents = FF/1.53=APS-C (Fuji)

Since SONY land is far from "just" glory (EVF not a match for the X-T2/3, UI, colours, homogeneous lens-landscape, size, shutter speeds(A7III limited to 1/8000s-30s)) there are a few things that I would want to be sorted before I would commit to another "new" Fuji body (possibly the X-Pro3):

  • Eye AF would be cool to be somewhat near the SONY
  • EVF on the X-Pro3 at least the same size as the A6400 (0.78x). Too much to ask??
  • Either an external EVF or a tilt screen with tap-to-shoot touch.
  • A new 56/1.2 to match the camera speed re AF
  • The 35/1.4 although slow I don't have an issue with
  • X-Trans I like!

That's about it.

I also had the opportunity to try the latest Panasonic FF, that felt VERY confident and fast - but not for me. Nice handling though.

So as it stands I am now in 3-camera land again, not exactly a new scenario for me, but that's what it is.

For now.


I love Fuji but they really need to up their game and become competitive. And simply regurgitating the same sensor/processor into different bodies is not the way.

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After all is said and done and your photo is hanging on the wall, no one is going to know or care what camera, lens, or what post processing you used. All they care about is if the image moves them.

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