LUMIX LX100 II: Reduce JPG Shot brightness without affecting RAW

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Re: You can do this - some samples

LowLightCompactBuyer wrote:

Boo wrote:

Boo wrote:

I'm not familiar with the LX100ii, but I would imagine that it's at least as sophisticated as my FZ300 in terms of functionality.


I'm on my tablet, so posting is a bit tedious, so I'll post some samples shortly when I get back to my computer.

I've now been able to look at the LX100ii manual and you do have the same options available, so these are some examples to illustrate the difference it makes to the in-camera JPEGs - by adjusting both the photo style settings and the highlight shadow item too. The lower one is with a slightly more extreme version than I use as standard, but they're the same exposure. You'll perhaps need a little trial and error to see what combo will suit your requirements, that's what some of these tests were to ascertain for me.

1:1 pixel crop from an image taken with the 'standard' default photo style

Same exposure but with the natural photo style and a -4/+4 highlight shadow curve setting

Similar exercise to look at saturation settings with flower colours - also with a highlight shadow adjustment and lowered contrast:

You can see how much lighter the flower remains underneath, from the same exposure, with much more detail retained.

This was the above left JPEG, slightly PP'd to taste - I rarely mess with the RAW files for shots like these as it ends up too easy to tinker too much and overcook them:

Post processed to taste to add a smidge more contrast and local sharpening.

Very nice post!

Hmmm very interesting... these are additional settings ... perhaps they might do the trick. I do note that in the manual, the curves show the midpoint as fixed and not adjustable, with curves on either side of it being adjustable. I'll have to fiddle with those, maybe my beef is restricted to only the top half of the curve... but if that chosen mid point is too high for my taste, I'm out of luck ... might have to get used to always processing RAW.


If you process raw DXO-PL 2 now supports the LX100 ii. You get superior lens correction, PRIME noise reduction which really does remove noise while retaining detail and your lens gets wider than 24mm equiv.


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