I still own the first Nikon I ever bought!

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Re: I still own the first Nikon I ever bought!

BrownieVet wrote:

D Cox wrote:

Tuloom wrote:

yeah, that crappy unergonomic shutter release on the top plate looks a joy. I wanna crane my finger in some duffy yoga position. LOLz.

Topcon put the shutter release in the right place.

thank god Sony fixed that bit of retro bow-down foolishness on the second go round with the A7II.

I don't know of any current camera with a well placed shutter button.

Do you mind enlightening us of where to locate and the basis of your choice?

Just where it is on that Topcon SLR. The point is that you release the shutter by squeezing the camera, rather than pushing down at one end. The position used on the Nikon F tends to give you tilted photos and camera shake.

The top position is the simplest in design, for a traditional roller-blind shutter,

Is that based on your expertise in Kinematics?

Based on opening up cameras and looking at the mechanisms.

but the worst for the user. [?]

Are you a an MD or at least a Kinesiologist?

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