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Greg7579 wrote:

Navman wrote:

I'm another who will miss your sage and measured comments, Jim - but I understand the reasons...

Travel well, and I'll continue to follow your blog


Hey John,

If you think the "Tribalism" that Jim laments is bad on the MF Board, believe me, it is not.

I invite you to spend 15 minutes on the Sony Board. Then go read about five posts on the Fuji Board. If you want to get a real overdose of "tribalism" make yourself gag and go spend 25 minutes on the Sony Board. Sony has great camera gear and those guys love their Sony (except the ones that leave for Fuji because they want some better ergo and way better glass). The Nikon Board has it bad now with the emergence of their good mirrorless gear while Canon is reeling from the death of L and a mediocre start into mirrorless. Those Canon guys are defensive and hurting and it shows on their Board. Well. They are leaving in droves for Sony and Fuji (and even Nikon).

Yep … the "tribalism" on those Boards is rampant and the those younger guys troll each other to shreds with ridiculous accusations and claims. And they almost never own the gear they are trying to cleverly bash.

Moderators wear out the delete button erasing posts and guys get temp bans in droves.

Fuji is by far the worse target on the Fuji Board because their success, unique gear, ergo and great glass causes some of the more "Tribal" FF SonCaNikon crowd to go on the assault there. I have a long history of getting in trouble on the Fuji Board for calling them out because I know who they are, and my Troll radar is about as accurate as any human being in the history of mankind. It should be harnessed, marketed and used for the greater good of DPR and Mankind in general. DPR should allow me to surf all forums as the Troll Moderator, but make no comments. Just mark all Troll posts with a Big scarlet "T" and never delete them or ban them. Keep the post and the poster around for all to see. I would not be allowed to ban - only to embarrass. No due process required. Just the absolute Inquisition-like power of the Troll Monitor - me. I digress and am joking. Sort of.

But seriously, I shouldn't be so hard on those kids. I have in my life moved from Yashica to Nikon to Canon to Fuji and now am about to enter the FF fixed lens world of the Modern-era Leica (although I always had a Leica as a kid in the early 70s because my Dad had a closet full of them).

So I should not make fun of some random attacker who knows almost nothing and bought a used Sony and then goes onto the Fuji Board to claim that Fuji sucks because of some contrived deficiency when the real reason he is trolling is because he decided to buy a Sony. Now that is Tribalism.

Can you imagine the havoc I could cause if I took my immense knowledge (👴) and posting skills and used what is left of my scrambled brain cells to cleverly troll Canon or Sony? I could start riots on those Boards and create absolute almost Armageddon-like chaos. And I could do it without getting banned. But I never have and I never will.

Anyway, trust me. There is far less trolling and way less tribalism on this Board than any other. To complain about tribalism on this Board is like complaining about people in Hell having too much ice water. It just ain't so.

Oh, and if some pro photographer says to me, Greg, it is OK to shoot your 23 at F11 when you have some foreground because you are not going to really notice the diffraction even at 1:1 unless you print in certain ways really big, but you are going to notice the out of focus pixels from not enough DOF at all sizes of output, I don't need a scientific lab experiment or 13 graphs to prove it to me before I go out and shoot and try it. Practical shooting experience and practical shooting tips are what makes this Board so educational, and Jim did plenty of that with me, as well as constantly feeding you lab-testing and science junkies your daily fix. And he can still do that as a forum member!

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

Sorry Greg, while I do agree that this forum is less "tribal" than others, your post here reads really really tribal to me. Calling users of other systems "kids" does not help your arguments.

Maybe you are joking and I have missed that?

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