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Re: Focus tracking summary : nothing worked

Hello DavidWright2010

It is not eays to take a BIF, so don't give up !

Now nailing the focus is one thing, but even when it did work, the bird can looks

Your gull picture show that: The plumage of some birds get only a good vividness, when the illumination cause light and shadows on it. On a dull day, like I think it was the case here, a plumage of a gull get a dull look anyway. So don't be too worry about the picture. It was good that you did try it out at such a dull day, you teach yourself. For me personally, I need a contrasty illumination day, the right position of the bird so that it's plumage get light and shadows on it, and ideally... good background too, but having such situation is so seldom. That mean, such dull days I use for teaching myself, but even when a bird got in focus, I do not expect a good picture.

I have only one gull picture, where all my wishes above was there :

with the illumination of the day you had, my gull plumage would looks similar to yours.

So, the moments are rare and therefore, don't be too sad about your pictures at that dull day.

Now this is a picture of a X-Y movement of the bird and the among of a Z-direction was not big. That's why I could do that picture with a ist DS and the not so fast focusing first version of the DA 55-300.  That is some important point, despite all the tips you get what AF mode, shutter speed and so on, you get, a BIF picture in X-Y movement of the bird is easier to do. For pure Z-direction pictures you need a fast focusing camera/lens combination.

DavidWright2010 wrote:

The 'best' results were with gulls. I could track them coming, then shoot as they went by:

uncropped image. The bird's right wing is folded down, not clipped. Left wing is clipped

But the above image is not that great when you look at it closely.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.

Even though nothing worked.


I do BIF pictures not often, but I personally use than shutter speeds beginning at 1/1000 sec. For to follow the bird I like to use a zoom lens, because I use first a wide framing, on that way I do not lost the bird in my frame, focus sometimes on the bird during I followed it's flight and when it is close enough I quickly zoom in, let the camera focus and take at once a series of 2-3 pictures.

best regards KPM2

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