LUMIX LX100 II: Reduce JPG Shot brightness without affecting RAW

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IanYorke Veteran Member • Posts: 3,238
Re: How about using exposure compensation?

JahnG wrote:


How about setting some negative "exposure compensation" ? It should darken your jpeg pictures, (either by lessening the exposure or lessening the ISO value). However, it will not work in completely automatic modes, like" iA" mode, but it will work in "A" and "S" mode.

Not sure how/or if exposure comp. affects the RAW pictures in LX 100 II, as I do not have that Panasonic model.


Exposure is the only thing that will impact the raw image. The camera always records raw and then an in camera raw conversion is made to produce the jpg. The in camera settings like contrast etc can therefore change the jpg but has no effect on the raw file. Exactly the same as if you take the raw file and convert it outside the camera. You are able to produce whatever light/dark jpg you want.


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