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Re: Focus tracking summary : nothing worked

DavidWright2010 wrote:

So I think the experiment is finished for now. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and then I'm leaving this target-rich environment.

After sorting through all the suggestions, I went out this afternoon and took about 100 bird pix; about 80 being BIF. I used back button focus to track a bird, then snapped an image when I liked the view. I used spot focusing, TAv mode 1/800 sec and f/8.

This first image exemplifies what I think is a common problem for me still - I'm not getting the center point on the bird:

focus on sand and gulls, not the heron

The 'best' results were with gulls. I could track them coming, then shoot as they went by:

uncropped image. The bird's right wing is folded down, not clipped. Left wing is clipped

But the above image is not that great when you look at it closely.

I'm including a final picture which may have a hint in it. I was tracking this gull; took several shots which were not that sharp, then with this last shot, the gull had just landed. (So it was barely moving.) This image is pretty sharp. Detail is a little sparse, but it was further away than the above shot. So maybe I should set the SS to 1/1000 or faster? Those gulls aren't really moving that fast, and not beating their wings barely all, so I thought that 1/800 would be fine...

un-cropped, un-sharpened image (warts and all). The piling is pretty sharp.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.

Even though nothing worked.


I think my previous recommendations would have covered just about all bases in these examples.

In the first example, you realise the problem, non-central subject against a cluttered background - more practice required.

In the second example, multi-point AF would have tracked it easily.

For subject movement freezing - 1/1500sec is the minimum in my experience. The K-70 has really very good low-noise performance at high ISO settings, your choice is crisp detail or a bit of grain in the shadows in poor light, I know which I prefer

1/1500sec @ f/8, 1100ASA TAv mode, just a few days ago. A local wild Marsh Harrier, ringed locally on the nest as a chick last year, photographed from within a public hide.

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