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fcracer wrote:


I am so sorry to see you resign as moderator. I completely understand your reasons; I was the mod for the Leica forum and resigned for reasons similar to your’s.

I hope that you’ll continue to share your amazing knowledge and experience with us through your website and hopefully this forum as well.


I am sorry in advance for this semi-rant, but I am fed up with this line of argument: “the internet sucks and people are mean, and because this place is slightly less mean, it’s ok”.

It is not ok. It is not ok that other venues are even worse or that people treat each other with even less respect and basic human dignity than this venue.

It is my belief that the internet needs a fundamental rethink with real name verification required and traceable comments. The internet, as it is, will be humanity’s ruin.

I agree totally! I use my name on my posts and even where I live, which is probably foolish because there are real nut-jobs out there. I'm not talking about guys arguing over the nuances of camera gear here on this forum.

But it is what it is. I am not apologizing for the internet and certainly not defending it. Besides, the "internet" is so vast it is not really even worth us delving into that subject here. But it is ruining a generation of kids who don't know how to interact with each other personally or how to deal with real criticism, opinions that differ from theirs or the challenges of life in the real world when they are out there on their own.

Have you been on any of the political or sports forums? My God it is awful there.

That is precisely why I do not have a Facebook or even Instagram account. This place is mild, as it should be. Name-calling and personal attacks are not allowed and if you do it you get banned and the thread deleted.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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