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For the record GR3 received DPREVIEW SILVER AWARD when GR had got DPREVIEW GOLD AWARD.

in 2013 the GR was a groundbreaking concept. what would even the GRII get today

It is strange the review does not say a word about QC issues of GR3.

Issues affecting a limited number of cameras and subsequently fixed at no cost to the user? Hardly a reason to bash the camera for it.

I don't think it affects a limited number of cameras; the evidence rather suggests it affects most of cameras. Not to bash the camera but to document the facts.

Of course it's bashing; you decided you don't like the camera and you're quite vocal about it.

An example of broken buttons isn't the same as "most of the cameras".

And it does not mention the presence and role of preprocessor though it says ‘noise reduction applied to the Raw at all ISO values 200 and up.’

The preprocessor (accelerator unit) whose presence is a plus and which doesn't merely do noise reduction. We discussed this to death in the Pentax forum, with people trying to show loss of detail with test charts <rolling eyes>


That's what I want to know in detail, it may be decided it is a plus or not after we know facts.

The accelerator unit was used for years, until we've got the K-1 to K-1 II upgrade (same camera, mainboard changed with the new one including the accelerator unit). Only then people started "seeing" problems. There is no "pure" RAW... but the accelerator-processed one is supposedly less "pure".

Look at real life images.


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