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For the record GR3 received DPREVIEW SILVER AWARD when GR had got DPREVIEW GOLD AWARD.

in 2013 the GR was a groundbreaking concept. what would even the GRII get today

It is strange the review does not say a word about QC issues of GR3. And it does not mention the presence and role of preprocessor though it says ‘noise reduction applied to the Raw at all ISO values 200 and up.’

By giving SILVER AWARD the reviewers may have wanted to say something not told in text?

ha wow, you really want to convince yourself of a non-existent conspiracy (thats only in your head)

Neither of us can be sure of anything.

a lot has happened since 2013. the GRIII is a good camera just no longer the breakthrough the original GR was

I will say it a mediocre.

James, we get it. You don’t like it and you don’t trust Ricoh. Don’t you get tired coming here every day to say the same thing?

When you think for a moment you will know life is a repetition of boring routine.

True, one can make it that way for sure. I’m just trying to understand though. Are you really hurt that the GR3 is not perfect or is it just boredom posting?

I am deeply disappointed by GR3, I bought GR2 in December 2018 which was several months after GR3 was announced and specs and product photos were available. If GR3 was an attractive/enticing product I may easily have chosen/bought a GR3.

As it happened QC issues ensued, I had not foreseen that but build quality of GR3 looked not great to my eyes.

And I think image quality, especially the color I believe it has something to do with preprocessor processing of RAW, of GR3 RAW/JPEG is mediocre.

You may read more of my opinion in the following post.

I am deeply astonished and am enjoying my GR III. Early experiments with the IBIS show promise for images I could not make with the GR II. No QC issues with my GR III.

I have seen some images, mainly BW that exhibit a very nice 3D pop that is reminiscent of the imagery that the DP2 was famous for. I have never seen this 3D pop with the GR II, so I think GR II users will miss out on this. See this sample of the cyclist as one example.

The cyclist, 3D pop? To my eyes it looks unnatural and it has zero attraction aesthetically. Second photo, the flowers shot, is not bad but macro or that kind of photography is not my playground. Third picture is a comedy. Nonsense in GR Wonderland.

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