Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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nnowak wrote:

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nnowak wrote:

You are comparing the brightest EF-M lens to a relatively mediocre cell phone. There is roughly 6 stops difference between the two. Switch to a higher end and more modern smartphone and put one of the EF-M kit lenses on

Why? Having an ILC it is forbidden to put the right lens on it because otherwise phones can't compete? That is a kind of funny restriction.

To what end? I suggested it would be more appropriate to compare a much more common/popular M kit to the smartphone. The M6 kit is $600 and on top of that was added a $480 lens. What if the smartphone photographer spent $480 on LED light panels to illuminate the scene? Is it still a fair comparison?

I thought the discussion was about if it is worth carrying around a camera.

A camera + dedicated lenses (and speed lights) will always cost more than a phone. Granted. The phone is the cheap solution. However, some here like to suggest the phone will perform just as good. It won't. And one of the attributes of a camera is you can choose your lens, while you can't on your phone. It would be strange to compare advantages of  cameras while ruling out this huge advantage.

If someone finds it more convenient to carry around $480 led panels next to their phone in stead of 32mm a f/1.4 next to a M camera, that is fine by me.  :-).  I just call it a personal preference and wish this person all the luck with his/her creative solution. Phones got to be better, right?

your M6, and the difference drops to 1.5 stops (or less).

Mainly due to your funny restrictions. I hope you don't mind i mount the lenses on my camera of my own preference, and if you do, i still mount the lenses i want to, sorry!

Throw in some computational wizardry like Google's Night Sight and the differences are even smaller.

Yes, the dedicated camera can produce the a better image. But the notion that the smartphone is utter garbage and the dedicated camera is infinitely superior is a gross exaggeration.

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If your facts are different we could save the peace just by calling it copy to copy variation.

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