Where from here: Fuji versus the rest

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Where from here: Fuji versus the rest

I have used Fuji cameras since 2013 and currently have a few lenses across the board, except the "fast" zooms and the long stuff. As I often dabble with other systems I now use a "dark-side" camera, the SONY A7III alongside the X-T2.

So where from here?? When I started using the A7III for portraits, I knew that there was no going back - for this type of photography - wide open with less than erratic results. I don't care whether it is my lack of knowledge, Chris Dodkin suggested I should buy a book on photography - and got plenty of thumbs up(s) which led me to believe that I am simply not good enough to use Fuji gear confidently: Putting a little square over somebody's eye a science exercise I failed to master, sadly.

In short: if it is the gear you cannot manage, try something else. And I did. It works better for me, but I will keep an eye on the next X-ProX camera. Will use the X-T2 in the meantime for shoots where the eye is less of an issue. Silly really how one can get sucked into something that all of a sudden appears to be a great leap forward. (And I DO remember those early days with auto-focus where people suggested that this wasn't necessary, good technique was all that was needed (same goes for light meters by the way, my first 3 cameras didn't have light meters built in!)).

Here is a shot I took just the other day to try out the eye AF on the A7III (I am sure most posters here won't be interested, but here is a little challenge for Fuji - which is a good thing right?? The somewhat horrible new here for me at least is that ALL shots I took were in focus, regardless of who, when and where. Sadly I simply didn't get the same results from the X-T3 - which I liked, by the way!

A7III 85/1.8 F1.8 (APS-C 1.18 equiv)

A7III 85/1.8 F2.8 ( APS-C 1.83 equiv)

Equivalents = FF/1.53=APS-C (Fuji)

Since SONY land is far from "just" glory (EVF not a match for the X-T2/3, UI, colours, homogeneous lens-landscape, size, shutter speeds(A7III limited to 1/8000s-30s)) there are a few things that I would want to be sorted before I would commit to another "new" Fuji body (possibly the X-Pro3):

  • Eye AF would be cool to be somewhat near the SONY
  • EVF on the X-Pro3 at least the same size as the A6400 (0.78x). Too much to ask??
  • Either an external EVF or a tilt screen with tap-to-shoot touch.
  • A new 56/1.2 to match the camera speed re AF
  • The 35/1.4 although slow I don't have an issue with
  • X-Trans I like!

That's about it.

I also had the opportunity to try the latest Panasonic FF, that felt VERY confident and fast - but not for me. Nice handling though.

So as it stands I am now in 3-camera land again, not exactly a new scenario for me, but that's what it is.

For now.


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