Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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fstopx2 wrote:

In the past families had no choice but to standalone camera. They buy a camera and than don't use it because its a hassle particularly with getting the pictures off.

Sure Canon has the app now but in the past you had to pull the card and plug it into a reader on your computer. Than resize, post process, email - whatever. Its a bit easier now with the Canon connect app.

If that's the reason for people abandoning standalone camera's, then those people are so lazy, and impatient, it's ridiculous! LOL! How would they ever have coped with waiting for a lab to develop film, and then having to send pictures of the kids to grandma, by snail mail!

Smartphone cameras are popular, because they are always with the owner, and they essentially come "free" with a device that people would have bought anyway. In the past, most people didn't own a "good" camera anyway. They used to buy cheap "Instamatic" cartridge cameras, or Polaroids - fixed focus, fixed exposure. When digital came along, they would buy a point and shoot, or a Rebel DSLR - and then only use the kit lens, the built-in flash, and never took the thing off full auto - because they were intimidated and confused by all the settings, scared of messing things up, and didn't want to read a 200 page manual. Ultimately, the photos they got on auto mode were "good enough" for their needs, that is, if they remembered to take it with them. For those people, the smartphone camera is possibly the better choice.

Personally, not even considering picture quality (and phone cameras still have a ways to go in that regard) - for the photography I do, I need a camera with more flexibility, and better ergonomics than a phone is ever going to have.

Though I will say the OP's picture looked like it was taken with an old cell phone, he said it was an iPhone 8. I have an iPhone 7 and it takes far better pictures than what is shown even in not so great light. You can go on Flickr and see tons of examples.

Read the OP's post again. This is what he said:

"It was an Android phone. not an ultra fancy one, but a pretty standard recent(ish) model. I'm sure my iPhone 8 would have done a better job, as would the latest really fancy and expensive non-Apple phone"

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