How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

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Re: How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

Lee Jay wrote:

AOC wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

AOC wrote:

They'll drop a bit, then they'll start rising in price b/c the only people buying them--at a time when mirrorless and quite possibly also cellphones would be far superior--will be relatively price inelastic diehard fans hellbent on owning a clickety-clack mirror.

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and the way you talk it sounds like you're a marketing major which would explain it.

Do you seriously expect a cell phone camera, with a lens that's literally 2.5mm in diameter, to ever be able to take a picture like this one?

Just so you know, this is the "lens" that took that picture:

The P1000 took the shot below.

And that's a cell phone, right? Oh, I forgot, you're too clueless to actually respond to the post you failed to read.

Moon looks way bigger than yours!

You're clueless. Look at the EXIF data. That is an 8 second exposure at f/7 on a full-frame camera taken during a total lunar eclipse.

Go back and read what I wrote about WTP and price elasticity.

Who cares?

Someone like you is a perfect example of a diehard mirror-fan boy who would continue to stick with his mirrored bodies long after mirrorless bodies deliver superior results for most other people.

I don't care about most other people, nor do I care about average people. Average people don't care about photography which is why they use their cell phone cameras. Other people are free to choose what they want, but having tested the best available EVFs, they still entirely stink for my use.

Anyway, this post was about why cell phone cameras won't ever be "far superior" (your words) - because their optics are too small to be so.

Why can't everyone be as friendly and cool as I am ? 😄 Lol

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