Your f/1.4 35mm AF Preferences

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Re: Your f/1.4 35mm AF Preferences

aSevenArr wrote:

Alantkh wrote:

But the loca issue with zeiss by far is the most obvious without pixel peeping. You can see the fringing even on some web size pics....

honestly all the talk about sharpness, u can’t tell without zooming in 100 percent. But stuff like loca, double lining transitional bokeh, onion ring in the big bokeh are all very onbious without pixel peeping.

with a little sharpening , it is even harder to tell the difference, but bad bokeh, heavy loca is hard to fix post processing.

af accuracy is also Super impt but hard to evaluate objectively... need to use for loooong time. My initial impression is my 40mm sigma seems to struggle more in indoor lighting vs the zeiss. But I did not own them side by side for Long periods of time so it’s hard to say. Could also be handholding issues with the heavier lens, or some compatibility issue with Sony steadyshot. It seems my hit rate dropped indoors esp on moving subjects.

I do not have these issues with my Sony Zeiss f1.4 35mm Distagon, it give me gorgeous tack sharp results and lovely smooth bokeh. There is a tiny amount of CA that is easily corrected.

Much like those reported by Ken here:

errr.... plenty of fringing at the samples in ken's review. Example below. This is not even a high contrast subject, it is so much worse with dark on bright transition.

Actually Ken's review states "this Zeiss lens doesn't use such technology and has a boatload of spherochromatism"

That is actually the Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration (LoCA) I was talking about. It is horrendous in Ken's sample as well. Unless your lens is different from almost every other sony 35mm f1.4 I have seen....

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