Two fighters - the power of cropping...

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Erik Kaffehr
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Two fighters - the power of cropping...


I was visiting the Airforce Museum in Linköping Sweden and found the two fighters hanging from the roof. The one in the foreground is the 'Griffin' and the one in the background is the "Viggen".

Final image.

The original image was pretty much cluttered by other exhibitions.

Note the very bright area under the foreground aircraft.

Charlie Cramer is a master printer and Luminous Landscape had a series of videos discussing both taking of pictures and making prints with him. Great series, recommended, although joining Luminous Landscape costs a small amount.

Charlie Cramer explains, in this video , that bright areas near the edges are highly distracting.

So I wanted to crop to eliminate the bright areas:

Here I cropped just below the fuselage, but the pitot tube (the thing sticking out in front) was crippled.

Later I found out that I could darken the white area below the fuselage enough to avoid distraction and could crop a bit farther out.

Just as a side note, this is  angle of attack sensor. Malfunction of  such a sensor is thought to caused the two crashes of Boeing 737-MAX 8 aircraft.

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