How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

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Re: How long until they are giving away DSLR's ?

You've received a lot of low value-add replies, the 1st one in particular.

Here's the reality: when many pharma brand name drugs lose their patent protection, the price for them actually rises over time--independent of scarcity considerations.


Because the only people left buying them are those with a very high willingness to pay (WTP)--i.e., a very low price elasticity of demand.

The rest of the people (the smart ones) have moved onto cheaper generics.

Expect the same with DSLRs.

They'll drop a bit, then they'll start rising in price b/c the only people buying them--at a time when mirrorless and quite possibly also cellphones would be far superior--will be relatively price inelastic diehard fans hellbent on owning a clickety-clack mirror.

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