Lightroom Classic and Lightroom updates available

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Re: Lightroom Classic and Lightroom updates available

Jonsi wrote:

Zeee wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

Zeee wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

myotisone wrote:

Zeee wrote:

Sounds as if it might be similar to Capture One's structure slider?



I trialed Capture twice and yes I think it is similar.

It will be good if it is (well not for me, but for LR users) as I find the structure slider in C1 to be very useful.

Not to mention the midtones slider.

Clarity adds to mid tone contrast.

Yea, all programs have that.

I'm talking about legitimate midtones.

Not sure what that means but it won't make me spend $300

I don't either. I pay much less for programs with that feature. Adobe will add it one day.

Fair enough. Still don't know what legitimate means.

and another $150 in November

I probably wouldn't pointlessly upgrade every chance either.

Yes that is a good call. Based on October 2018 threads C1 users could hardly wait. I like the latest so I probably would have got it if I owned it.

. However here and a few posts at LL seems indicate some are not that happy that Adobe, often accused of riding the gravy train, added a significant feature today.

Not sure why they'd be mad. It's better than the usual camera profile "upgrades". In fact, not even sure I believe they are.

You have to ask the members why a significant feature was added and posts about "but it doesn't have this" come out.

I can list all of the features that Adobe added since Oct of 2017

Most could. Short lists are easy to remember.

I can post a blog that shows them all in a few seconds.

but I'd rather avoid a mine is better than yours sub thread.

There is no such thing, despite what many here claim. It's personal preference. I pay for Photoshop but I don't install Lightroom. There are a few better raw converters/editors out there for me. Won't even address the annoying import/library/catalog/etc... requirements just to move a slider on an image.

I'm OK with that. This is a thread about an LR major improvement but with some posts it turned out well it can't do this. I read other developer threads and don't see that happening. You can't deny that Adobe is targeted, just like Microsoft and other big companies.

I hope competitors survive and pressure Adobe. Just better for me. Texture is huge addition.

Maybe I'll look at C1 a 3rd time if they add lens corrections for all my telephoto lenses

Which almost every program has.

Except Lightroom.



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