Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Lost99999 wrote:

... and in my view this is the key reason sooner or later EVERY family will buy a quality camera like the M series ( or a bit more point and shoot or a bit more fancy).

The moment they buy such a camera will come when they have some cash to spend and are going to experience a very special moment in life - which they wan to capture in a proper way. That could be when they go on honeymoon, when a baby is born or when they go on holiday to a very special location.

Indeed teenagers don't buy fancy camera's, they buy them when they are a bit older. Did you own a 35 mm film camera when you were a kid ? no .. did your dad ? probably yes.

I have no doubt smartphone pics will continue to improve, probably at an improvement rate higher than DSLR's / MILC's.

I'm very impressed with the progress iPhone makes year over year... but don't forget the M is a BIG step up from the DSLR Rebels ! and now the R is here to bring Full Frame for the mass !

The key question is how much more innovation and improvement can be made on smartphones before the development "plateau's" out or when improvements will also cost extra.

Canon - Sony are in a good position: I bet the A, R, M body and lenses cost less vs the DSLR's and EF lenses .. yet they sell at similar / higher price points !

Just my thoughts

In the past families had no choice but to standalone camera. They buy a camera and than don't use it because its a hassle particularly with getting the pictures off.

Sure Canon has the app now but in the past you had to pull the card and plug it into a reader on your computer. Than resize, post process, email - whatever. Its a bit easier now with the Canon connect app.

On the phone its one stop shopping. Sure in terms of absolute quality the standalone camera is better. There is no disagreement about that.

Though I will say the OP's picture looked like it was taken with an old cell phone, he said it was an iPhone 8. I have an iPhone 7 and it takes far better pictures than what is shown even in not so great light. You can go on Flickr and see tons of examples.

Standalone cameras will never go away but I think the standalone camera market will continue to shrink.

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