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Re: Pentax vs Sony

Hi Stigg

I don't have a long story with Sony, but so far so good with last firmware.

I shoot RAW and I'm just a little unsure yet but it seems A7iii's auto white balance is not as good as K-1 (just my first feelings, maybe colder) ; it should be a minus if you only shoot JPG ?

No PixelShift on the A7iii : only on A7riii. I knew that : I just add it to the K-1, so.

Pentax seems sturdier.

Batteries last longer in A7iii (one of the selling points : better than previous ones) but shorter than K-1.

Easier to take the 2 SD cards from the K-1 or K-3 than from the A7iii : just me ?

Advantages and disadvantages with EVF / OVF : just use what the tool has to offer... WYSIWYG with some sort of minimal lag / direct contact with the events but without a complete camera's feedback. If we could have both and switch with a button...

AF is way faster (not always better : probably because of the learning curve and parameters).

I find the starting time of Sony's camera a little too slow compared to K-1 and K-3. Awake the camera Before the action starts ... otherwise you may shoot too late, even at 10 fps with continuous AF/AE.

Beware when using the silent mode (really silent) : user failure maybe, but it seems deformations may appear in some situations ; otherwise, amazing for events or street.

Ergonomics are not as easy for me, but highly customisable (have a look at Mark Galer's youtube chanel : lots to learn there).

High ISO to be compared between K-1 (first gen) and A7iii ; no problem anyway.

Inbody's apps from previous generation not compatible with 3rd gen ? Not impacted personaly (great idea but maybe too difficult to keep ... with what they are planning to put inside : neural net models for eye-AF and objects recognition that should take a lot of place in memory).

Amazing lenses :

- 85mm f/1.8 is lightweight and fast focusing with a nice bokeh (not as great compared to Sony's 1.4 or even to Pentax's 1.4) but good enough for great portraits. A Limited ?

- 135mm f/1.8 is on my wishlist (pricey but smaller and lighter than the Sigma) ; Canon's 135mmf/2.0 was already great but is said to be less efficient with MC-11 in low light.

- 24mm f/1.4 is amazing on paper (smaller than most equivalent) but too much for me.

- Sigma's MC-11 for Canon EF lenses (400L f/5.6 reborn : I haven't touched it since my 5D original) ; amazing to shoot wild birds in fly with this lightweight combo : it just sticks !

- Voigtlander's full frame lenses in sight ? (small, nice and personal rendering, apart from the macro ones that are bigger ; FE and M Mounts) ; Voigtlander's 125mm works really great with my K-1 (bokeh + contrast + colors + stars)

- Techart Pro M mount adapter on my wishlist (AF with manual lenses - 700g max with adapter - like Pentax's AFA x1.7 but with some more shortcomings like the lack of information stored in EXIF) ; Voigtlander's M mount lenses not yet in FE + K mount lenses with a PK/M adapter added on it !! + lots of other mounts with dedicated adapter like Contax, Nikon, and so on.

- Firmware upgrades are the way to go, especially with AF improvements ! Deep learning applied to concrete problems can help with eye-AF for people (yesterday), pets like cats or dogs (today with some success), and hopefully (tomorrow ?) for birds in flight (in order to get the head sharp and not the wing tail that is closer to me).

I hope it helps.

Regards, Fred


K-1 + DFA 150-450mm is heavier but seems a bit shorter (I'll have to double check)

... than Sony A7iii + Sigma MC-11 + Canon L 400mm

(this won't fit as good in the same bag, even without the EFx1.4)


For APS-C you still have to choose between IBIS (A6500) and fast AF (A6400) : a NoGo yet for me. Anyway, I'd prefer to have the choice between the current smaller form factor and something like A6iii or A6riii (APS-C sensors in current Full Frame bodies). It's really easier for me to use the same lenses with Pentax's APS-C and FF bodies sharing (almost) the same ergonomics.

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