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Re: A-Mount

Lensmate wrote:

woodturner wrote:

Thank you for starting a thread on a topic that hasn't been discussed at all in the past.

Please note your link to your blog doesn't work, the identity is for sale. I did think of purchasing it........ could be fun.

I did look at your site, but will not be donating to support you via the Paypal link that is on the top of your page.

Having reviewed your site, the cynical side of my nature suggests that you are merely trawling for free material and comments to base another article on.

The motivation for starting this thread is therefore to get up to date info in one place to base another article on. Therefore to appear really informed and garner more Paypal support.

Somewhat lazy not to use the search function.

That's just my jaded, cynical view. Very possibly wrong. What do I know, I don't try to make money on the internet out of other peoples ideas.

Should I even suggest that no one responds to your post?

Personally I will not be adding to your stock of info, other than to tell you my A mount gear works fine, it is a sunny day, I may sit in the garden and see if I can get some good BIF of the birds in our nest box.

Bingo! Two thumbs up!!!!

-Martin P



Perhaps that link is more accurate.

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