Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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thunder storm wrote:

nnowak wrote:

You are comparing the brightest EF-M lens to a relatively mediocre cell phone. There is roughly 6 stops difference between the two. Switch to a higher end and more modern smartphone and put one of the EF-M kit lenses on

Why? Having an ILC it is forbidden to put the right lens on it because otherwise phones can't compete? That is a kind of funny restriction.

To what end? I suggested it would be more appropriate to compare a much more common/popular M kit to the smartphone. The M6 kit is $600 and on top of that was added a $480 lens. What if the smartphone photographer spent $480 on LED light panels to illuminate the scene? Is it still a fair comparison?

your M6, and the difference drops to 1.5 stops (or less).

Mainly due to your funny restrictions. I hope you don't mind i mount the lenses on my camera of my own preference, and if you do, i still mount the lenses i want to, sorry!

Throw in some computational wizardry like Google's Night Sight and the differences are even smaller.

Yes, the dedicated camera can produce the a better image. But the notion that the smartphone is utter garbage and the dedicated camera is infinitely superior is a gross exaggeration.

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If your facts are different we could save the peace just by calling it copy to copy variation.

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