I still own the first Nikon I ever bought!

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Re: I still own the first Nikon I ever bought!

Wheatfield7 wrote:

RetCapt wrote:

Aesthetics are subjective. That said, I have always considered the Nikon F (with non-meter pentaprism) and the Nikon rangefinders (culminating in the SP) to be the best looking 35mm cameras ever made.

I always thought the Pentax LX was a better looking camera. The Nikon F cameras, to me looked a little prehistoric. They got it right with the F2 though.

Having never owned either, I have no stake in this. I did (do) have some nice film gear. A lot of Leica/Canon LTM equipment, as well as an original (second series) Leicaflex (among others). So I was not using anything inferior; it's just that the right deal on a Nikon F or rangefinder never happened to come along, and I was not actively looking. Too late now though. Once I got involved in digital and found out the results I could get, with my desk as my darkroom, there was no going back.

The Nikon F came out in 1959 , the LX in 1980, so not a surprise that that Nikon looked prehistoric in comparison.

This is two were out at the same time :

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