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Thanks Jim! ❤👌👍

Thanks for your service to the Board Jim.  I hope you are well and happy in whatever you decide to spend your time with now.  I'm sure as a MF shooter you will still be on this MF Board.  You are a great photographer and teacher.

Hey Man - it's the internet, so you have to be a little crazy to try to moderate it.  So thanks for the hard work and dedication.

But this is a camera equipment forum, not a science forum, and I certainly don't mean that as a slight to you.

I don't see a lot of the problems you are taking issue with and I read the forum almost every day.  I am not as interested in the graphs and pure optical and sensor science as you are, but I'm not a scientist.  You are a scientist and no doubt a brilliant Man.

I'm just a serious (very serious really) hobby shooter and I like to learn from people's practical experience with shooting and their opinions and tips about how to shoot better.  And yes, I damn sure care about the equipment, so I like those tips too.

Anyway, you taught me a lot and I hope you stay on this board and continue to participate in a major way.

You were a very good and tolerant moderator in a very tough job.

To be honest, I do not believe there should be a MF forum, any more than I believe there should be a FF forum or an APSC forum, but I'm OK with it because it works to some degree.  Can you imagine if Canon, Nikon, Leica, Sony and others entering FF were all on one Full Frame Board?

DPR shows disrespect to MF in many ways that I could easily document.  Having MF on one isolated and very small forum is one of them, in my opinion, along with having a semi-anti-Fuji, and absolutely anti-MF reviewer do all the reviews.

But that said, there is probably less trolling here than other boards because the range is not as wide and the participation window is small.  You don't get into MF unless you are rich, crazy or really interested in pure photography and have a passion for it in some way or another.  You say the" tribalism" bothers you and you have called me "tribal" (a huge insult, but I'll get over it) because I buy only Fuji (well … and Leica now) but the real tribalism on this board is FF vs MF.  Not me with Fuji.

Plus, to be honest Jim, there really is only about 15 guys (and gals) on this Board - maybe 20, that really pay attention to it.  Maybe, to be honest, really only ten.

This Forum needs to grow, and people need to not be afraid to post their MF images.

People also need not be afraid to buy MF and buying MF means buying Fuji, whether you think that is "Tribal" or not.  It's not tribal.  It's the market right now and who is producing what.

It's just the reality Man.

Good Luck.  Good Health.  Good shooting.

You are a good Man.  I have never met you, but I can tell.

Much respect to you Jim, and I'm sorry if I was one of the guys who frustrated you.  If I was, then I'm sorry.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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