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Re: Have we reached #1000 in end of A Mount threads yet? :-)

cgarrard wrote:

tbcass wrote:

There have been so many discussions on this that another thread is not needed. Personally I don't really care because the A99ii and the lenses I own are all I need. Couple that with fact my primary camera is an RX10iv and I'm 73 years old the A99ii is the last A Mount camera I will ever buy even if Sony comes out with a new one.

Had no idea. There was plenty of activity with the A-Mount until about 2 years or so ago.

Thanks Tom!

How coy of you...you seem to know this even though you admit to not viewing the A-mount forums? Looking at your past visits to the other forums you skip around to, I'd say you are trying to flame the fire here. Searching on this topic is not that difficult unless you have the mind of a mollusk.

-Martin P


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