P30Pro Milky Way, Sunrise and random musings

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Re: P30Pro Milky Way, Sunrise and random musings

rotisiao wrote:

_vlad wrote:

rotisiao wrote:

Interesting, left image def looks sharper+cleaner.

And that is how stacking with blending works. Eliminating noise and restoring detail obliterated by single shot noise.

I'm guessing in principle thats how Google's night sight / Huawei night mode works but somehow i never got a clean astrophoto from either modes vs single long exposure.

It depends on what you mean "clean". As far as details go (sharpness) with mutli stacking it is bit more complicated. Typical stacking scenario is aligning each shot mainly on left/right/up/down axis nad then blend. Rotation is typically not a big issue. However with long astroshots there is a lot of sky rotation. From my little experience with these shots I have experienced that up to 4-6s they are rel. OK within Wide or standard lenses. Beyond that time rotation movement can be easily seen. But how to align that classical movement together with stronger rotation and not destroy detail with no-rotating objects? Maybe that is explanation - but I am not sure if this the case.

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