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cgarrard wrote:

What are your thoughts on the management of the A-Mount since SLT?

Being a bit cynical, was there any management of A-Mount (since A99II came out)? In the retrospective it's interesting to analyse Sony's decision to go SLT first but not very long time after, they directed all the major spot lights on mirrorless.  What was that SLT-interval? No chances in conventional DSLR but too early for mirrorless? That rush from one proposition to another, that not only meant a new mount, but also a rush from great ergonomics to tiny-toy-looking first iterations of NEX and A7 let for me the impression of electronic gadget departments ruling over the image taking (photo) department. Confusing at least.

What should Sony do with the A-Mount?

If it was for me: remove totally the video from A-Mount and concentrate on that mount as stills specialist - and make intelligent use of the resources (buttons, heat dissipation demands)

What do you think will happen with the A-Mount?

Well, I have serious doubts if there will be some new A-mount body. Olympic games ahead in Japan I suspect Sony concentrating even more on mirrorless - and especially on top performing lenses and bodies - not at reach for many though. This in detriment of A-Mount - well sort of because latest E-Mount iterations got performing better and better with A-Mount lenses which means that for a significant amount of A-mount-shooters with some heavy investment in A-mount lenses there's at least an option to keep using their lenses. And the performance gap is getting narrower, even taking into account flagship A99II. Yes, the ergonomics of small sized FF E-Mount bodies is still their Achilles heal from my POV.

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