To ETTR or not to ETTR...?

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Never had to do this back in the film days; so how important is it now? Do you or don't you ETTR (expose to the right)?



It seems bizarre to me that we have AI that can recognize airplanes and our kids' faces, so many stops of stabilization that the earth's rotation matters, and metering has hardly advanced at all. We're still guessing at ETTR manually from a jpeg histogram and blinkies - which really means that we're often too busy to manage this, and wind up with gray snow.

What I'd like to have is the ability to set a desired clipping threshold (which might normally be 0, but sometimes .01% or something if there are specular highlights), and let the camera do the rest

My sentiments as well... I want the best pic possible but I don’t want to keep changing the settings and lose the shot!

IMO it is in the nature of photography that you have to keep changing the settings!

It's certainly part of the fun, but so is focusing, and I often let the camera handle that.

Do you let the camera handle framing the shot too?

Do you let predictive typing write your posts?

No, I don't All my frequent typos are my own doing.

I'd like to think about only the bits that are relevant to the image: SS for blur, aperture for DOF, and let the camera worry about how to maximize signal/noise without clipping.

Cameras are not designed to do that.

The point is, they should be. Any process that's not essential to the qualitative expression of the image is a good candidate for automation. Figuring out how much exposure can be given without clipping, subject to some constraints like how much shutter speed is needed, is something the camera can do more quickly than you or I can read a histogram and react.

It would be nice if they would be designed that way. A problem is how to teach the camera which hightlight details I care about and which ones are inconsequential. Can a camera recognize a specular higlight? Maybe there would be  some way to let the camera  query you about which highlights you want to preserve.

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