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My opinion, worth 2 cents.

I just replaced a 2007 laptop (multiple upgrades, including SSD) with a new one in January.  I wanted one that was better, and smaller.   The old laptop was a 17 inch, and it was ultimately a pain to travel with because of the size.

A 13 inch screen was too small for me, so I settled on a 15.6 inch screen.

I was specifically looking for price and features (around $700-900), and this is to serve as my (IT Business) consulting rig, not just photo editing.

I ended up with a Dell 5570, purchased new in a trip to Fry's Electronics for about $800.   The feature set appealed to me.  120GB SSD boot (a bit small, but it's been fine so far), 1TB HDD (and I set Windows defaults to point to this drive for Documents, Photos, Downloads, etc.)   The screen is a 2K IPS screen which i calibrated with a Spyder5 and DisplayCAL software.

My first recommendation for you - don't get a 13 in screen, unless you plan to use an external monitor.  And 4k for a laptop screen seems overkill to me.  I also upgraded my diesktop with twin 27 inch 4K monitors, and THEY seem just a bit small for that resolution.  (Print can end up being absolutely tiny, and you cannot always scale it.)

My 2k screen seems pretty good, though I'm sure there are better ones.

This particular model is highly configurable, and most other 5570's have different specs.   If I were to change something on this one, it would be the boot drive - I'd like it at least 256gb, preferably 500gb.   I may well upgrade it once I figure out how to clone a m.2 drive to another with only one M.2 slot.

One of the features I REALLY like on this laptop is a backlit keyboard.   No more aiming the monitor down at night to illuminate the keys.  I just touch the touchpad and t.he keys light up

This laptop does have one glaring omission.   It has no indicator lights at all for power, DVD or hard drive usage.  (Or Wifi or Bluetooth, or caps lock, etc.)   I miss the hard drive activity light a lot.  I downloaded an app that puts a flashy block on the system tray , but it's not the same.   I don't know why you couldn't program one or all of the keys to flash instead.

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