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Re: I'll reply to myself! :)

lhkjacky wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

lhkjacky wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

P.S. I was hoping for more replies like that. Anyways, thanks guys!

I guess you didn't come to A-mount forum recently.

There are so many treads talk about A-mount future (A-mount death) (A-mount being abandon), etc... You can see infinity number of similar treads in this forum. Even worst, normal posts are often high-jacked by A-mount doomer and end up to be a A-mount death posts.

That is the reasons why most of us don't want to repeatedly discuss similar topic.
It is just too many and no one really know what A-mount future will be, except Sony.

Yeah I see that now

If you read the post below, you will understand how many post related to A-mount future.


Yep that summarizes it. Same thing happens with the Pentax group too.

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