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Re: High megapixel crop mode

Doug Larvey wrote:

The future of all cameras will result in extremely high megapixal sensors , full frame.

The need for long bulky heavy zooms will be of days past.

Attached will be a lens with fixed focal length of 28mm at F1.2 or 1.4

Take the photo of the distant bird. Simlly crop out 50 mpixels your left with 25 to spare.

You want to zoom in on the beak?

Keep croppin.

Down to 10 Megapixels.

Proceed to print a poster of a birds beak.

The future my photographic friends.

There may be some value to having enough pixels to crop from more heavily (and I am a big fan of high pixel density), but you are a bit over-optimistic about the other limiting factors, and your math is a bit off. Pixels drop off *much* faster than you are implying; a 10x digital zoom loses 99% of the original pixel count, and a 10x digital zoom from a FF with 28mm is still very wide for a small bird, and it would be a very sharp, expensive 28/1.2 lens indeed to deliver those measly MPs with desired sharpness, which is precious with low pixel counts.

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