Adobe just added a 'texture' slider to LR

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Re: Adobe just added a 'texture' slider to LR

HatWearingFool wrote:

Len-O wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

Where is this Texture slider? I'm up to date on LR and ACR and I don't see any such slider. Did this update just come out today?

I believe it did just come out today - this is LR Classic CC BTW

I didn't see the update either, until I used the Creative Cloud app to manually update (due to your prompt).

Thanks for the heads-up, Mario. Toyed with it for a few minutes, but I need more time to better appreciate its utility. Glad to see another tool in LR's kit, regardless.

I live in California, and checked both LR CCC and my CC app, and no update including a "Texture" slider show up here.

Did you just open adobe cc or did you click on the three dots and check for updates? They stagger user notification but if you force a manual check for updates it should show you the new update.

Thanks for the hint.

I had just opened the CC App, and updates in LR CCC without clicking on the three dots. Once I checked via the three dots the fresh updates were available. Now I have to find out just how effective the "Texture" slider is.

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