Your f/1.4 35mm AF Preferences

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Your f/1.4 35mm AF Preferences

For this lens role, I am wondering what people have and are happy with. If you aren't happy with what you have, vote for what you want instead (your "preference").

Personally I think I will be happy with 90% of the AF keeper rate of the presumed Sony native reference performance. Learning that this is not realistic from the 3rd parties would be valuable (if not sad) to learn.

Am particularly interested in the "native" sigma (which for all intents and purposes embeds the MC11 in the lens) versus the "adapted" sigma. If one or the other side wins that, that would be interesting experiences to learn about.

The Samyang/Rokinon experiences (on "both sides") would also be valuable.

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Sony Distagon 1.4/35
44.1% 30  votes
Sigma 1.4/35 Art for Sony
13.2% 9  votes
Samyang/Rokinon AF 35 f/1.4
27.9% 19  votes
SIgma 1.4/35 Art for Canon EF (+MC11)
2.9% 2  votes
SIgma 1.4/35 Art for Canon EF (+MB4)
1.5% 1  vote
Other adaptation strategy (please comment to describe)
10.3% 7  votes
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