Pentax vs Sony

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Re: Pentax vs Sony

Stigg wrote:

Wheatfield7 wrote:

Sony sucks compared to Pentax.

Thats my thoughts, take it how you want.

That's just one thought, and a very limited useless one at that. Please elaborate on why you think Sony is rubbish? Have you used Sony equipment? If not please do not reply.

I don't like Sony ergonomics and I have problems with Sony as a company. I'm also not a fan of mirrorless cameras.

I asked for commentary on comparing and contrasting the two camera lines, not mindless put-downs.

This place is all about mindless put downs. You just used one yourself.

All of the available cameras can produce excellent images. That's not a consideration at all. I'm interested in how Pentax users feel about both brands after using each.

Now you know. Ergonomics and corporate philosophy.

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