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I'll reply to myself! :)

cgarrard wrote:

What are your thoughts on the management of the A-Mount since SLT?

All in all I've seen Sony compete in a very tough market that is also retracting. They have made some brilliant cameras and have a nice lens selection. A few more tweaks to the bodies in the future and more firmware updates would really generate more interest in the A-Mount I think.

What should Sony do with the A-Mount?

Definitely keep it and continue to make bodies, lenses, and accessories to it. It has advantages over mirrorless and that craze will eventually slow down.

What do you think will happen with the A-Mount?

I think Sony will hold onto it. Smart phones have reached a point of diminishing returns and the market will only retract so much. Keeping the A-Mount leaves Sony looking stronger and all they have to do is continue to improve the bodies and add more firmware support. They don't have to worry about cross competition with their E-Mount.

P.S. I was hoping for more replies like that. Anyways, thanks guys!

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