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Re: A-Mount....Drum Roll Please...

Lensmate wrote:

To quote Yasuyuki Nagata - Senior General Manager Business Unit 2, Digital Imaging Group Imaging Products and Solutions Sector, Sony Corporation.

"Having options is really important, especially for high-end amateurs and professionals. If we just had the same cameras and lenses [as our competitors] the results would be the same. Some people want A-mount, some want E-mount, and depending on the situation, some customers might want both. Having that variety of bodies and lenses is key.
We need both A mount and E mount. Some people thought that Sony was only developing the E mount, until we introduced the a99 II. You’ve seen it, it’s a serious camera. There is a huge number of lenses for A mount, from Sony and Minolta, and we want to maintain a good relationship with those customers by providing great A mount bodies with no compromises compared to the E mount system. But we can start capturing new customers with the E mount. We need both."

-Martin P


Hi Martin,

I'm aware of what he said back in 2016. I was just curious for user response, not the companies responses.

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