m43's is a system, not a camera

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Re: m43's is a system, not a camera

Auf Reisen wrote:

To play devil's advocate: of course it's a system and there are other choices of camera bodies. But opportunity costs are a thing. Olympus could have used the R&D resources spent on the Emix to develop a camera with a smaller footprint. People are suggesting that Olympus should play to its strengths. That is, exceptionally feature-rich, small and light cameras with great weather sealing.

But they did just that. E-M1X is smaller and lighter than D5 or 1D. It as well has better weather sealed body, and exceptional features.

People are suggesting that E-M1X should have been like a E-PL9 with integrated EVF. Totally forgetting that why does 1D and D5 exist in the first place. And to explain this to themselves they look at the sensor size and try to rationalize everything from size to performance and capabilities through sensor square area.

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