Too sharp lenses?

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Re: Too sharp lenses?

The quest for sharpness can get out of hand a bit like that other obsession, bokeh.                I have lenses that are quite old such as my MD Minolta primes that are used on a Sony A7s. The MD35mm f1.8 &100mm f2.5 are gorgeous,their 50mm lenses are so good & can be had cheaply or they were when I bought them when digital had taken hold of the market.    My Nikon 70-200 f2.8VRII & the old AF 300MMf4, I find all the 50mm standard primes I have are sharp regardless of which one.That old cheap, compact push pull 70-210 zoom can be a surprise & has pleasing colours.I think new camera bodies can make a difference,I see a bit more detail in the images from my D810 compared to my D700 & it is possible this is seen as sharpness.I don't spend too much time thinking about it I would rather spend time on other things.

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